TrialStat CTMS

Powerful, efficient, and easy to use study management solutions

The right clinical trial management system is your coordination hub, logging and tracking all the moving pieces of your study and ensuring that your team has real-time visibility into issues, study progress, and potential areas of risk.

TrialStat CTMS:

eliminates manual tracking and data reconciliation to decrease operational costs, reduce duplication of data entry, and enhance compliance.

is a seamlessly integrated solution within our eClinical Suite, featuring EDC, IWRS, Medical Coding, ePRO, Imaging and the dashboard and reports Portal.

securely manages all of your critical information from start up through close out.

is flexible, customizable, and comprehensive - for accurate and efficient management of sites, countries, monitoring, supplies, finance and overall study progress.

TrialStat CTMS provides the robust functionality needed to manage the most complex studies with the ease of use that busy teams require.

Project/Program Management

Enables oversight of related clinical trials per therapeutic area based on a set of specific clinical project activities (i.e., tracking actual vs. target). Includes the ability to track progress at specific trial and program levels.

Trial and Site Planning

Facilitates investigator and site identification and recruitment, including key trial milestone tracking such as target site/enrollment metrics for each study country.

Site and Subject Management

Provides tracking ability for site monitoring, subject enrollment relative to plan, and Case Report Form (CRF)/ Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) completion status. Includes management of site visits/trip reports.

Data Collection and Monitoring Compliance

Tracks key information such as CRF collection, Clinical Research Associate (CRA) monitoring frequency, protocol visit frequency, and adherence to protocol regiments. Includes support for study documentation and tracking tasks.

Financial/Payments Management

Supports financial management including tracking study costs, reimbursing investigators, and paying claims related to study activities. Includes grant payment management and management of financial disclosure.

Inventory Management

Clinical supply management including supply tracking.


Provides reporting/dashboards to communicate trial performance against targets, as well as other operational reports.

Optional Custom Integration

Ability to connect TrialStat CTMS to existing technology solutions for seamless data exchange and reporting.

TrialStat CTMS Screen Shots

A Fully Unified eClinical Suite with the following Premium Features and Capabilities


Inventory Management

Payment Tracking

Patient Report Outcomes (ePRO)

CDASH Compliant CRF Library

Dynamic Skip Logic

Completely Customizable eCRFs

Comprehensive Edit Checks

AE / SAE tracking

Image Management


2-4 Week Build Time

Configurable Study Workflow

Flexible Data Capture

Bar Code Integration

Real-Time Monitoring, Reporting & Validation

Integrated Real-Time Reporting

Multi-Lingual Support

Replicate Entire Studies


"TrialStat CTMS is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. Our studies run more smoothly now, and we have the data we need when we need it in order to make key decisions or address issues. The support team is fantastic too!"

— Study Manager, Start-Up Biotech, West Coast US Region

"We appreciate the ability to view our current data with TrialStat's customizable reports. Along with the standard metrics reports for management oversight, this feature allows us to view unlimited combinations of data in real-time."

— Manager, Clinical Operations, Device Sponsor, Mid West US Region

"We contracted with TrialStat to handle the Electronic Data Capture for two large-scale clinical endpoint bioequivalence trials conducted in the US and globally. We have been extremely happy with their performance. In our last study, database lock occurred approximately 24 hours after the last patient completed the trial!"

— Director, Clinical Development, Major US Client in Northeast US

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