Vendor Neutral Imaging Archive (VNA)

Using Medical Images in Your Clinical Trial? Keep Them Working for You Long after Your Trial Concludes.

Medical images play a pivotal role in many clinical trials today.

Medical images are assets of tremendous value, yet much of that value remains untapped post trial. Why? Because Sponsors and CROs have not had the software and infrastructure necessary to aggregate and store images, or make them available. With the Fujifilm TeraMedica VNA—available through TrialStat’s open and interoperable eClinical Platform— conveniently integrated with your Imaging Core Lab, that obstacle is eliminated. Sponsors can now aggregate their imaging from previous trials, along with those images being captured in current trials, and unlock the value that has previously been out of reach. Better yet, it’s easy.

Billion Imaging Objects Stored.
Client Facilities Utilize The VNA.

TrialStat and Fujifilm TeraMedica — Partnering to Bring Unmatched Interoperability and Value to Imaging-supported Clinical Trials.

TrialStat’s flexible and integrated eClinical Suite—combined with the Fujifilm TeraMedica VNA—allows you to quickly and easily track, report on, and tap into the value of 100% of your trial and imaging data, now and always. TeraMedica’s high-performing VNA automatically extracts copies of images—along with the all-important associated metadata—from electronic source systems, securely stores them in their native (or core lab) formats, and makes them accessible from other software, systems, and devices anywhere, any time. Sponsors can aggregate all their existing imaging in the VNA, as well as ongoing and future imaging from clinical trials, regardless of the EDC platform used. In short, the images employed in your clinical trials are always readily available to you and your team to use as you want, without the cost and time delays involved in extracting them from third-party systems.

Consider the advantages of a seamless, integrated clinical trial ecosystem designed to give you real-time access to all your clinical data and images in one place.

In this scenario, images and the associated metadata used in a trial are captured intact, de-identified, and stored in the VNA. Once in the VNA, they are available for adjudication within TrialStat’s eClinical Suite, plus other use cases, including translational medicine, creating synthetic control groups, early phase R&D, and Machine Learning. In short, they assume value far beyond their value in the trial at hand. And, you can use the VNA in conjunction with EDC for your clinical trials and independently once your clinical trials conclude.

What Valuable Assets Are You Leaving on the Table?

Images used in clinical trials belong to you, the trial sponsor. Take control of them. Unlock all their value with the TrialStat eClinical Suite and the Fujifilm TeraMedica VNA.

Imaging Core Labs and CROs, we can partner with you to provide these capabilities as a SaaS solution for your clients!

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Use Your Valuable Images and Imaging Data Again and Again

Collect, store, manage, and leverage any images you own, in any way you like, indefinitely, without tapping extensive internal resources or facing cost-prohibitive up front investments. Repurpose your images for:


Clinical Research

Data Science / Analytics

Translational Medicine


Patient Recruitment

Machine Learning

Drug Discovery

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