Clinical Services Support & Custom Software Development

Study Design & Configuration

TrialStat's team will work with you to quickly and cost effectively set up and validate your study, so your team can focus on clinical, operational, and regulatory tasks.

For busy teams, TrialStat's team of Clinical Experts are their behind-the-scenes partners in getting well-built studies up and running without delay or the need for additional internal resources.


No internal training required

Exceptionally fast study configuration and launch

Sponsor team can focus on the research

Changes are implemented quickly

Let us handle the configuration for your next trial and see how quick and easy it is to go from project sign-off to study go-live!

A Fully Unified eClinical Suite with Premium Features and Capabilities

Single Sign On + Multiple Customizable Roles

Web Based Drag & Drop Design

Intuitive User Interface

Comprehensive Edit Checks & Dynamic Skip Logic

eCRF Library (CDASH Compliant)