Streamline Trial Compliance with Integrated eConsent

Streamline Trial Enrollment and Maximize Protocol Compliance with Fully Integrated eConsent

TrialStat's eConsent platform was designed and developed to solve the most pressing trial enrolment and protocol compliance problems. With a completely customizable workflow, content templates, multimedia capabilities, and multilingual options, Sponsors and CROs have the tools they need to create an immersive eConsent process for trial participants.

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Immediate Access To eConsent Information

Fully integrated with TrialStat's EDC means you have eConsent data immediately available within the study. Trial Managers are able to see which participants have started, and completed the eConsent process with controls in place to support mixed paper and eConsent processes.

Built using HTML5 TrialStat's eConsent can be used on any type or size of device either in the clinic, or in the comfort of the participants home.

Privacy and Security

Developed with Privacy and Security in mind, TrialStat's eConsent is 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR Compliant and using industry best practice encryption technology in transit and at rest.

Easy Web Based Configuration and Management

TrialStat's eConsent module is available right within our leading web based Study Designer system. Using the same familiar user interface and experience means that Study Designers can configure eConsent functionality rapidly, and easily.

System Interoperability & Integration

Through TrialStat's comprehensive API TrialStat's eConsent Module can be integrated into other EDC platforms that support such integrations.

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Improved Protocol Compliance

Reduced Patient Dropouts

Streamlined Consent Status and Management

Fully Integrated With EDC

Streamlined Workflows Across Different Sites

Faster Patient Enrollment

Reduced Enrollment Costs

Customizable Consent Forms With Easy to Implement Versioning

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Powering Decentralized Trials

Improved Comprehension With the Use of Mixed Media Such As Images, Video, Audio and Native Languages

Streamlined Implementation of New Versions For The Consent Documentation

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