No Compromise, High Speed Data Capture

TrialStat's State of the Art High Speed Private Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

At TrialStat, we believe that eClinical Software must be fast and easy to use. Through our 19 years of developing eClinical Technology and working closely with our Sponsors, CROs and Sites we have learned that performance matters!

In everything we do, we focus on ensuring our eClinical Suite performs incredibly fast. From the efficient code we write down to the hardware we invest in to run your studies - we never cut any corners.

We've chosen to invest in our colocation facility to ensure we have the most current and efficient hardware to power your clinical trials. Leveraging state of the art virtualization technology, blazing fast storage through PureStorage's FlashArray technology, to the fastest web application firewalls and CDNs.

Your Clinical Research Teams will never complain again about slow case reports forms, or having to report on data from yesterday vs what's happened today.

We're IT experts bringing you the latest and best technology. We're also public cloud experts leveraging Microsoft Azure as part of our backup and hot failover infrastructure.

Fast. Fully validated and infinitely customizable.

Click the graphic below to access our interactive infographic and learn more about the complete power of our eClinical Suite.

eClinical Technology Powered by PureStorage FlashArray

Download the newly released case study and explore why TrialStat has partnered with PureStorage to dramatically improve the performance of our eClinical Suite resulting in faster clinical trials.

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A Fully Unified eClinical Suite with Premium Features and Capabilities

Solution of choice for the successful execution of over 500 clinical trials.

Of those trials, 96% of studies launched on time and database lock happened within 10 days on more than 92% studies.

Built to meet the needs of users across all study phases including pilot / proof of concept studies, Phase I, II, III and IV studies, as well as medical device and diagnostics.

Access from any browser, mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, without the requirements of any proprietary browser plugins or desktop software installs.

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