Clinical Services Support & Custom Software Development

End User Training

TrialStat's convenient user training is delivered by a dedicated team of professionals with in-depth product knowledge. They work closely with our customers to ensure they have the tools and information they need to start using TrialStat right away.

All of our training is thoroughly documented through clear, easy to use, technical materials, standard operating procedures and Web-based tools.

TrialStat understands how busy clinical teams like yours are, and provides flexible, convenient options for user training, including:

Web-based training that can be customized

Training that can be conducted either on site or through the Web

eLearning training modules that can be accessed on the Web

Easy-to-use training materials that incorporates all workbooks and background materials

A Fully Unified eClinical Suite with Premium Features and Capabilities

Single Sign On + Multiple Customizable Roles

Web Based Drag & Drop Design

Intuitive User Interface

Comprehensive Edit Checks & Dynamic Skip Logic

eCRF Library (CDASH Compliant)

Two IT professionals in a big control room of a factory talking.