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RSIP Vision Presents Successful Preliminary Results from Clinical Study of 2D-to-3D Knee Bones Reconstruction

A tool for reconstruction of a 3D model of the knee from 2D X-ray images is being evaluated on clinical data at a leading medical center with promising results

Excerpt from the Press Release:

TEL AVIV, Israel and SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RSIP Vision, an experienced developer of groundbreaking AI technologies for medical imaging, today reveals preliminary results from an ongoing clinical study for the evaluation of the reconstruction of a 3D knee model from 2D X-ray images at Assuta Medical Center in Tel Aviv. This tool is based on novel, patent-pending technology, implementing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to produce an accurate model of the knee from two X-ray images of the knee (Anteroposterior and lateral views). This model can be used for surgical planning and navigation during knee orthopedic procedures, such as total knee replacement.

Robotic and patient-specific solutions for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) often require a CT scan for accurate 3D reconstruction of the knee bones.” said Moshe Safran, U.S. CEO at RSIP Vision. “Our knee reconstruction solution utilizes two standard X-ray images to produce a 3D model of the knee joint, comparable to the CT-based models. Our preliminary clinical study results demonstrate high accuracy, which we expect will be suitable for clinical applications. We believe our solution can alleviate the need for a knee CT-scan for TKA preoperative planning, providing access to precision planning for a much wider patient population.

The goal behind the development of this tool is to produce a high-grade, 3D model of the knee for surgical planning or navigation, with two main benefits, clinical and operational. The clinical benefit is lower levels of radiation exposure from X-ray imaging compared to a complete knee CT scan. Operationally, X-ray imaging has better accessibility than CT, is more widely reimbursed in the U.S. healthcare system, and is often lower in cost. To address the challenge of 3D reconstruction from standard X-ray images, both the unique AI technology and a custom tailored, low-cost calibration device developed by RSIP Vision are employed. After acquisition of AP and lateral X-rays, the software automatically creates a detailed 3D model of the knee joint, which can then be used for surgical planning.

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