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Limbix Launches First Digital Therapeutic for Adolescents with Symptoms of Depression

Program delivered on smartphone is based on core principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, with focus on behavioral activation

Trial results demonstrate clinically meaningful reduction in depression symptoms

Completing SparkRx as recommended results in statistically significant reduction in symptoms compared to control

Excerpt from the Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Limbix, a prescription digital therapeutic company developing mental health treatments for adolescents, announced the launch of SparkRx, the first evidence-based digital therapeutic for teens and young adults experiencing symptoms of depression.

SparkRx is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, a therapeutic modality proven to assist with the symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. SparkRx is an adjunct treatment for teens and young adults aged 13-22 who are experiencing symptoms of depression. More safety information can be found on the SparkRx website. SparkRx is accessible via a health care provider and available at no cost to patients for a limited time. Providers interested in offering SparkRx can sign up on the SparkRx website and receive a unique access code to give to patients. The access code will allow patients to use the app.

SparkRx meets young people in a comfortable format – their smartphone – allowing them to take control of their treatment and make progress at their own pace, over a 5-7 week period. SparkRx teaches teens and young adults to better understand their depression, helping them practice skills like mood tracking, behavioral activation, problem solving and mindfulness. The program also features a supportive robot guide named Limbot. Alongside Limbot, adolescents with symptoms of depression can use SparkRx to learn about the relationship between mood and behavior, to identify and engage in activities that align with their values, and to celebrate their achievements along the way. Limbix’s interdisciplinary team designed SparkRx alongside subject matter experts in adolescent psychology

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