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Meet With TrialStat at SCDM to Learn More About The Latest Version of TrialStat EDC

TrialStat Launches Updated TrialStat EDC at SCDM, Introducing New Features to Further Simplify Your Data Management and Study Collaboration Needs – Meet with us at Booth #312

As the volume of per-trial data grows, compliance requirements increase, and Sponsors are more responsible than ever for trial oversight, TrialStat has responded by releasing the next generation of their compliant, intuitive, and well-priced eClinical Suite to meet the needs of innovative life sciences companies.

OTTAWA, SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 – TRIALSTAT will be demonstrating their suite of eClinical technology and data management tools and solutions at the upcoming SCDM Annual Conference in Seattle, WA on September 23-26th.
Our focus on enhancing the relationship between sites and both data management and operational teams differentiates TrialStat in the eClinical space. We eliminate the usual gaps in communication with simple, clear, and effective communication tools built into the solution, partnered with customizable reports and dashboards to drive collaboration without additional layers of manual work and cumbersome oversight.

“TrialStat has executed hundreds of successful studies using the TrialStat eClinical Suite and we are excited to share these new features at this important conference for data management and clinical operations professionals,” said Christopher Kata, Director of Sales and Marketing.

“The partnership approach we have with our clients drives our innovative new features, and functionality, arming our users with the flexible set of tools they need to execute their studies on time and on budget. We look forward to meeting with many attendees at the conference to introduce them to TrialStat’s eClinical Suite and demonstrating how it can help them run their studies more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

TrialStat eClinical Suite is a set of scalable data management tools, hosted within our high speed data center providing Electronic Data Capture capabilities for all study phases including pilot / proof of concept studies, Phase I, II, II and IV studies, as well as medical device and diagnostic studies. TrialStat’s platform can be accessed from any browser or portable device, without the requirements of any proprietary browser plugins or desktop software installs. TrialStat EDC integrates features such as IWRS, Medical Coding, ePRO, CTMS and Imaging, along with a configurable real-time reporting analytics portal, with real-time data exports, to simplify trial data collection and ensure efficient and timely analysis.

Interested life sciences companies are invited to meet with our team at SCDM (Booth #312) to discuss their study needs, explore potential solutions to their data management requirements, and see a demonstration of TrialStat’s eClinical Suite. To arrange a time that fits your schedule, please contact Christopher Kata at [email protected] or 905 999-1957 or just come by the booth to meet with the team.

TrialStat EDC | Data Without Limitations

TrialStat EDC provides a robust and intuitive system to ensure accurate and efficient data collection. Intuitive eCRF design and easy to use study configuration tools allow rapid study build times and ease of data entry for simple and complex study requirements within 2 to 4 weeks. TrialStat is a single platform to collect and manage all study data, while offering a variety of advanced functionality. Features include email notification, data management tools, dynamic skip logic, advanced custom real-time data reporting, source data verification, electronic signatures, on-demand data exports and more.

With a focus on data analytics, our solution offers robust reporting and metrics across studies and portfolios – giving your entire study team real-time insight into all aspects of your study data and highlighting areas of risk.

TrialStat also offers full service, flexible, cost-effective Study Development services across all phases of clinical research, as well as custom technology implementations and integrations. From rapid database build through database lock, we deliver consistent quality on-time and on-budget.

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From rapid database build through database lock, we deliver consistent quality on-time and on-budget. Ready to upgrade your eClinical toolkit?