Medical Imaging

4D-Fueled AI with DCE-MRI Improves Breast Lesion Characterization


Excerpt from the Article: Radiologists can classify breast lesions more accurately if they use artificial intelligence algorithms fueled by 4D data captured with dynamic contrasted-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI), new research has found. In a study published on Feb. 24 in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, investigators from the University of Chicago outlined their method for fusing the 4D…

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Imaging Shows COVID-19 Creates a Body Self-Attack


Excerpt from the Article: CT, MRI, and ultrasound images reveal the myriad of ways the virus prompts the body to attack itself – with this knowledge, radiologists can better contribute to treatment planning. Not only does COVID-19 attack the body, but radiology images show that the virus can actually make the body attack itself. For…

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Evaluating Imaging Technology Investments Requires New Definitions


Excerpt from the Article: Is it possible for organizations to strike the right balance between technology adoption and controlling cost to meet current needs? Even before COVID-19 swept the globe, the balancing act of managing costs while maintaining value was at the forefront of imaging technology purchasing decisions. While the roller coaster effect of the…

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