How nanotechnology helps mRNA Covid-19 vaccines work


Excerpt from the Article: While the first two Covid-19 vaccines relying on messenger RNA technology speed toward regulatory approval in the U.S., it’s worth remembering the vehicle that gets them where they need to go in the body. Lipid nanoparticles are the fatty molecular envelopes that help strands of mRNA — the genetic messenger for…

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Tough yet flexible: Biologically inspired adhesive may improve fetal surgery


Excerpt from the Article: In children with spina bifida, the neural tube that forms the spinal cord and brain doesn’t close during early prenatal development. That leaves the nerves of the spinal cord exposed to potential damage from fetal movement and the surrounding amniotic fluid. While surgeons can repair spina bifida soon after birth, the…

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Ufovax Announces Its Self-Assembling NanoParticles as the Next-Generation Vaccine Solution for COVID-19


Excerpt from the Press Release: WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ufovax, LLC, (Ufovax), a vaccine biotechnology company based on the patented One-component Self-Assembling protein NanoParticle® (1c-SApNP®) vaccine design and manufacturing platform invented by Associate Professor Jiang Zhu, PhD, of Scripps Research (La Jolla, CA), announced the advancement toward Phase I clinical trials of its next-generation SARS-CoV-2 (aka “COVID-19”)…

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