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Pear Therapeutics Announces First Participant Enrolled in Virtual Real-World Study of Adults with Chronic Insomnia

Excerpt from the Press Release:

“BOSTON & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pear Therapeutics, Inc. today announced the first participant enrolled in an open-label, decentralized clinical trial (called the DREAM study) evaluating Somryst™, an FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) for the treatment of chronic insomnia. The DREAM study will enroll approximately 350 adults in the United States with chronic insomnia for nine weeks of digitally-delivered treatment and collect data in a real-world insomnia population.

Pear has developed its own decentralized and fully virtual clinical trial infrastructure for participant recruitment, screening, consent, enrollment, follow up, and progress tracking, which will be used for the DREAM study. This decentralized, fully site-less approach allows clinical studies such as DREAM to advance rapidly even as COVID-19 constrains the ability to safely conduct clinical studies and real-world research involving in-clinic visits. Eligible participants across the United States can enroll without ever needing to attend a physical clinical site.”

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