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Telemedicine in the Operating Room: The ‘New Normal’ for MedTech

Excerpt from the Article:

There is incredibly high demand for collaboration during medical procedures – whether it’s a Cardiologist advising a more junior physician on a complex procedure, a renowned surgeon training other colleagues on a technique, a medical device company rolling out a new product, or a medical device rep providing product support during a surgery.

There’s no question that collaboration is critical to develop techniques and products for the advancement of medicine, and in fact, doctors have come to rely on in-person collaboration, especially as medical devices become more complex. Yet, the industry has long grappled with challenges associated with in-person support – from infection risk to non-stop travel and high costs. When COVID-19 disrupted the ability to travel and limited in-person healthcare, it put an additional spotlight on these issues and accelerated the need for change.

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