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Executing in a Year of Correction: Doing More with Less

Excerpt from the Press Release:

As we begin a new year, a singular message rings true across all pockets of the life science industry – we must ‘do more with less.’ This message was echoed during the recent JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and will continue to resonate throughout the year.

The macroeconomic conditions facing our industry include reduced headcounts, reduced funding opportunities, and reduced budgets, and yet, despite the headwinds, science and innovation continue to press forward to improve human health. The industry environment is at a different pace than what was experienced in the last couple of years when funding was more accessible, resources were rising rapidly, and drug development was expedited in many ways.

Our current environment is quite different. As we face this ‘year of correction,’ we are called upon to ‘do more with less.’ But what does this mean, and how should our industry prepare for these challenges and opportunities?

Halloran believes there are six critical recommendations to maximize the year ahead, stay resilient in the face of obstacles, and continue to propel clinical development forward.

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