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Pioneering Delix Therapeutics Study Published in ‘Science’ Elucidates the Mechanism of Psychedelic-Induced Neuroplasticity

New peer-reviewed paper reveals new findings that can lead to more effective medicines for a range of health conditions

Excerpt from the Press Release:

BOSTON, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Delix Therapeutics (the “Company”), a neuroscience company developing novel disease-modifying, neuroplasticity-promoting therapeutics for psychiatric and neurological conditions, shared the findings of a new study published today in Science. The groundbreaking paper, authored by Delix Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer David E. Olson, PhD, reveals the mechanism that causes serotonin and psychoplastogens to activate the 5-HT2A receptor in different ways.

The paper, developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California Davis – where Olson was recently named founding director of the Institute for Psychedelics and Neurotherapeutics – offers unprecedented insight into a long-standing mystery in the field around why serotonin doesn’t stimulate cortical neuron growth. The study uncovers the fact that intracellular 5-HT2A receptors mediate the psychoplastogenic effects of psychedelics. As serotonin cannot activate this population of receptors, the study might explain why serotonin-based therapeutics – such as SSRIs, commonly prescribed antidepressants – have different effects than psychedelics and other psychoplastogenic therapeutics.

The discovery represents a major breakthrough for researchers seeking to better understand the target of several classes of psychoplastogens, and ultimately leverage this knowledge in the development of medicines that can more effectively treat patients in need with fewer risks or undesirable side effects.

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