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Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day on May 20th!

May 20th celebrates International Clinical Trials Day, as a time to give thanks and support to all the exceptionally hard-working clinical research pros out there! Their work is like putting together a massive puzzle that maps out the terrain of public health and medicine.

We set aside May 20th each year to tip our hats to these scientific trailblazers, remembering the day when it all kicked off. On this day in 1747, James Lind, working as a surgeon on a ship, rolled up his sleeves and started what is considered the world’s first randomized clinical trial to better understand, and find a solution to, the high mortality rate from scurvy amongst the sailors aboard.

To our colleagues, sponsors, and industry friends – but more than anything, to patients and their families who enroll in trials – thank you for your time, effort, trust, and persistence on the road to medical discovery.

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