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Rani Therapeutics Announces Successful Oral Delivery of Monoclonal Antibody via High-Capacity Pill in Preclinical Study

RaniPill® HC achieved 4/4 successful drug delivery of orally administered Humira® (adalimumab) –

– RaniPill® HC has achieved a cumulative >90% success rate across multiple preclinical studies –

– RaniPill® HC shortlisted as a finalist by Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Awards –

Excerpt from the Press Release:

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (“Rani Therapeutics” or “Rani”) (Nasdaq: RANI), a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company focused on the oral delivery of biologics and drugs, today announced the successful oral delivery of a monoclonal antibody, Humira® (adalimumab), via its high-capacity capsule, the RaniPill® HC, in a preclinical study.

“The preclinical results we are sharing today show the potential of the RaniPill® platform to orally deliver large molecules, such as antibodies, at high volume, which could enable the replacement of many injectable drugs with an oral pill,” said Mir Hashim, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for Rani Therapeutics. “The high-capacity version, the RaniPill® HC, is capable of delivering up to a 500%-plus higher drug payload than Rani’s existing oral biologics capsule and has achieved a cumulative >90% success rate for delivery across multiple preclinical studies. The data generated to date with the RaniPill® HC give us confidence as we progress the high-capacity device towards clinical readiness.”

Data Highlights

Rani conducted a preclinical study tracking the serum concentrations of adalimumab, following the oral administration of the enteric-coated, RaniPill® HC capsule containing 11mg of Humira® (adalimumab) to four canine models. The RaniPill® HC successfully delivered adalimumab in all of the subjects. All device remnants were excreted normally without sequelae.

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