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Parallel Bio Launches Clinical Trial in a Dish to Speed Drug Discovery

Five pharmaceutical partners start testing immunotherapies on human models created from immune organoids at population scale

Excerpt from the Press Release:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Parallel Bio, a biotech company using the immune system to cure disease, today announced the release of its Clinical Trial in a Dish for studying the efficacy and safety of new immunotherapies using human models at the earliest stages of drug discovery. Five pharmaceutical companies, including a Fortune 500 firm, have begun testing 20 drug candidates with the alternative to animal tests.

Clinical Trial in a Dish creates human models using immune organoids scaled with robotics to represent the biology and diversity of a population. As a result, it more accurately and realistically predicts the safest and most effective drug candidates for human trials compared to animal models. In Parallel Bio’s tests of more than 75 drugs, the results from its Clinical Trial in a Dish matched clinical data in both the fidelity of the immune response and the variations in an individual drug’s effectiveness based on the diverse backgrounds of the patient population.

“By developing drugs in human models from the start, our platform will shave $1 billion and 6.5 years from each drug candidate in development,” said Juliana Hilliard, Parallel Bio co-founder and chief scientific officer. “Our platform aims to flip the 95 percent drug failure rate into a 95 percent success rate, leading to more drugs approved to treat patients.”

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