Machine Learning

Leap Therapeutics and Flagship Biosciences Develop Image Analysis RNAscope Assay for Prospective Trial Enrollment


Excerpt from the Press Release: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and WESTMINSTER, Colo., May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leap Therapeutics (Nasdaq: LPTX), a biotechnology company focused on developing targeted and immuno-oncology therapeutics, andFlagship Biosciences, the leader in data-centric pathology and tissue analysis, today announced that they have developed an image analysis RNAscope® assay that is being used successfully for prospective patient enrollment in a clinical trial.…

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Chest X-ray Plus Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Worst Outcomes for COVID-19-Positive Patients


Excerpt from the Press Release: Computer program can accurately predict 80 percent of cases where COVID-19 patients will develop life-threatening conditions within four days. Chest X-rays aren’t just for diagnosing COVID-19. Newly published research now shows that these images can be part of a system that accurately predicts which patients will develop life-threatening conditions within…

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RSIP Vision Launches an Advanced AI-Based Tool for Prostate MRI and Ultrasound Registration Enabling Precise Navigation in Key Procedures


Excerpt from the Press Release: TEL AVIV, Israel & SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RSIP Vision, an experienced leader in driving innovation for medical imaging through advanced AI and computer vision solutions, announced today a new prostate MRI-to-ultrasound registration tool. The tool’s fully automated, deep learning-based capabilities provide a robust method that utilizes a registered MRI scan…

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AI System Detects Frequently Overlooked Fractures on X-ray


Excerpt from the Article: Identifying these easily missed breaks can save patients from future negative complications or loss of function. A significant number of the most common type of wrist fracture go undetected on X-ray images, setting patients up for potential problems downstream. But, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based automated system can improve detection rates.…

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Triage Brain MRIs with AI-Based System


Excerpt from the Article: MRI has grown in popularity as a tool to image the brain for various diseases or damage, leading to a heavy volume of scans for radiologists to interpret. Using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based system could help automate those interpretations to quickly identify the patients who need the most emergent care. “MRI…

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Radiologists Spot Chest X-ray Abnormalities Better with Deep-Learning Detection


Excerpt from the Article: Simultaneous use of a deep-learning based detection (DLD) system improves a radiologist’s accuracy in identifying major abnormalities on chest X-rays, a new study has found. While the efficacy of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms as a second reader has been well established in previous studies, providers included in those investigations have read…

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AI-Fueled COVID-19 Detection Algorithm Slices Report Time 30 Percent


Excerpt from the Article: A radiology workflow artificial intelligence (AI) solution from RADLogics can help providers truncate their turn-around time for COVID-19 detection cases by up to 30 percent, according to a recently released study. According to a clinical trial conducted at the Moscow Center for Diagnostics & Telemedicine, employing this AI solution to evaluate…

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Low-Dose CT Lung Screening Gets Boost from AI


Excerpt from the Article: It is possible to increase the specificity of low-dose CT (LDCT) lung cancer screening programs without chipping away at sensitivity – all it takes is folding artificial intelligence (AI) in with Lung-RADS. That capability is based on the development of a lung nodule management system, created by investigators from the University…

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AI-supported test predicts eye disease three years before symptoms


Excerpt from the Article: A pioneering new eye test, developed by scientists at UCL in collaboration with the Western Eye Hospital, London, may predict wet AMD, a leading cause of severe sight loss, three years before symptoms develop. Researchers hope their test could be used to identify the disease early enough so that treatment can…

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Persephone Biosciences Initiates the ARGONAUT Study of Gut Microbiome-Linked Immune Modulation in Cancer Treatment Response


Excerpt from the Press Release: SAN DIEGO, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Persephone Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology company that leverages real world data and artificial intelligence to design microbiome therapeutics and diagnostics to promote normal immune function and fight disease, today announced the initiation of the ARGONAUT clinical study to determine the impact of gut microbiome…

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