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How companies are realizing the potential of virtual and hybrid clinical trials

More and more Sponsors are looking to take advantage of Virtual and Hybrid Clinical Trials. Outsourcing Pharma published a very interesting article on this topic.

“In their purest form, virtual clinical trials eliminate the need for study sites. A range of technologies and processes cover the tasks normally performed at sites. Participants can enroll and give consent online before receiving shipments of study drugs direct to their homes. In some cases, nurses visit participants to administer drugs and collect data. In other trials, devices including wearables enable the remote collection of data.”

At TrialStat, we implement the latest technologies for our Sponsors, CRO’s and Data Management partners enabling them to benefit from the advantages offered by these types of Hybrid Trials.

I encourage you to read the Outsourcing Pharma article in it’s entirety by clicking the link below:

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