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Ochsner Health System and Pfizer Partner to Develop Innovative Models for Clinical Trials

Sponsors and technology vendors need to work together to develop innovative new ways to streamline the clinical trial process

Ochsner Health System and Pfizer have embarked on a multi-year alliance to enhance the clinical trial experience and ease participation in clinical research for both patients and healthcare professionals.

“The alliance aims to create faster, improved access and connectivity to clinical trials for patients, with the ultimate goal of better experiences and outcomes. Participating patients will have the opportunity to test out new digital tools designed to make the clinical trial experience more inclusive and enjoyable. Participating clinicians will benefit from reduced manual data entry as a result of direct data system integration and automated study conduct tools, freeing up time and work to allow them to offer clinical research as an option to a broader range of patients. And research groups will experience efficiencies from interoperability that may lower costs while increasing capacity. These projects are designed to ensure that all data collected is secure and will only be used with patient consent, as in any clinical trial. “

TrialStat eClinical Suite is designed to be a central reporting and analytics hub for all of your clinical trials regardless of which EDC technologies you use. TrialStat believes in interoperability, and being able to leverage clinical data from across 3rd party systems to streamline the clinical trial process and reduce overall trial costs.

I encourage you to read the Ochsner and Pfizer Press Release in it’s entirety by clicking the link below:

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