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Best Practices For Implementing Decentralized Clinical Trials

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Today’s new COVID realities mean changes in how clinical trials are administered. Here’s what to consider in adopting decentralized clinical trials.

As the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, clinical trials have been deeply impacted, with thousands of trials either canceled or delayed — all during a time in which speed-to-market is critical in helping deliver a vaccine to the global population.

To continue trials with as little disruption as possible, the industry is accelerating adoption of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). While speed-to-market was already the primary challenge for pharmaceutical companies developing therapies, industry stakeholders were also exploring the idea of DCTs to improve the R&D life cycle, and the pandemic acted as a tipping point to move full steam ahead with this initiative. The interruption of so many traditional trials heightened the importance of DCTs in the life sciences industry, with disease advocacy groups, regulators, providers, and patients actively looking for ways to restart existing trials or design future trials that could be managed remotely. DCTs hold great promise to operate more efficiently, increase enrollment, shorten trial duration, get products to market quicker, and reduce patient burden by limiting travel, streamlining communications, and facilitating digital data collection.

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