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In a Time of COVID, Dealmakers Take a Shine to Diagnostics and Vaccines

Excerpt from the Article:

If you had an inkling that more money went to vaccine and diagnostic companies in 2020, you were right. 

Diagnostics and vaccines have long been the red-headed stepchildren of life sciences investments. Detecting and treating life threatening diseases is the responsible thing to do when the world is threatened with a novel pathogen, but it’s a lot less lucrative than managing and treating chronic conditions. As a result, investors have shied away and left funding these ventures to governments, NGOs of other not-for-profits.

Like so many other things, all of that changed in 2020. Andreessen Horowitz notes its January blog post that renewed investment in infectious disease diagnostics and therapeutics is one of 16 trends that will transform healthcare. In early February, Business Insider reported that VCs are rethinking their positions when it comes to infectious disease investment.

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