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MRI Shows Heart Damage in Nearly Half of Patients with Severe COVID-19

Excerpt from the Article:

MRI scans reveal myocarditis, scarring, infarction, and ischemia in recovered patients with elevated troponin levels.

Roughly 50 percent of patients who recover after being hospitalized with severe COVID-19 suffer heart damage. MRI scans, conducted at least one month post-discharge, show patients who have elevated levels of troponin show evidence of heart injury.

The amount of troponin, a protein that is released into the bloodstream when the heart muscle is injured, typically rises when arteries are blocked or when the heart is inflamed. The damage seen in COVID-19 patients includes myocarditis, muscle scarring or infarction, ischemia, or a combination of all three, said researchers in a study published Fed. 17 in European Heart Journal.

The findings pointing to heart damage from this study contribute to results in recent months about the presence of myocarditis in athletes, adding to the understanding of how COVID-19 affects heart function.

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