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Sutro Biopharma Announces Update from STRO-002, Luveltamab Tazevibulin (Luvelta), Phase 1 Dose-Expansion Study and Registrational Plans in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

– Results from the STRO-002 (luvelta) Phase 1 dose-expansion study demonstrate that FolRα-selected patients experienced meaningful clinical benefit, with 43.8% ORR, median DOR of 5.4 months, and median PFS of 6.6 months at the higher starting dose of 5.2mg/kg

– Meaningful clinical benefit was observed in FolRα-selected patients, defined as TPS>25%, which is potentially 80% of the advanced ovarian cancer patient population –

– Safety profile is generally consistent with prior data with asymptomatic neutropenia being the primary adverse event; no new safety signals were observed –

– Use of prophylactic pegfilgrastim reduced dose delays and neutropenia –

– Sutro plans to initiate Phase 2/3 registration-directed study called REFRaME in second quarter of 2023 –

Excerpt from the Press Release:

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 9, 2023 – Sutro Biopharma, Inc. (Sutro or the Company) (NASDAQ: STRO), a clinical-stage oncology company pioneering site-specific and novel-format antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced results from a Phase 1 dose-expansion study of STRO-002 (luvelta), a novel Folate receptor alpha (FolRα)-targeting ADC and interim safety data from exploratory cohort C, a cohort of 15 patients with advanced ovarian cancer treated at the higher dose of luvelta, (5.2mg/kg), along with prophylactic pegfilgrastim. Additionally, the company provided details on the design of the registration-directed Phase 2/3 study, REFRaME, to start in the second quarter of 2023.

Results demonstrated that luvelta provided substantial clinical benefit in FolRα-selected patients, defined by Tumor Proportion Score (TPS) of >25%, with a 37.5% overall response rate (ORR), median duration of response (median DOR) of 5.5 months, and median progression free survival (median PFS) of 6.1 months, regardless of starting dose. Results also demonstrated the higher starting dose of 5.2 mg/kg providing greater patient benefit compared to the lower dose of 4.3mg/kg. FolRα-selected patients account for approximately 80% of the patient population in advanced ovarian cancer, as represented in the patient stratification in the Phase 1 study.

Consistent with prior luvelta data, the primary adverse event from the dose-expansion cohort was predominantly asymptomatic neutropenia, with no meaningful ocular toxicity signals or complications reported.

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